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20 inclusion program ideas for community sport organisations to secure grant funding

In today's diverse society, community sport organizations have a unique opportunity to promote inclusivity and diversity through their programs. However, coming up with program ideas can often be a challenge especially for clubs and organisations who may be new to inclusion and diversity initiatives. The good news is there are an increasing amount of grants and funding programs that provide a valuable avenue to secure financial support for inclusion programs.

In this post, we offer up 20 simple ideas for sport organisations from community clubs to sport peak bodies to consider when applying for grant funding. These ideas encompass a wide range of inclusion and diversity initiatives, empowering organisations to create meaningful and impactful sports experiences for all.

Inclusion program ideas

1. Inclusive Sports Clinics

Host regular clinics that cater to individuals of all abilities, fostering an inclusive environment where everyone can participate and learn.

2. Cultural Exchange Tournaments

Organize tournaments that celebrate diversity by inviting teams representing different cultural backgrounds to compete and promote cross-cultural understanding.

3. Adaptive Sports Programs

Develop programs tailored for individuals with disabilities, offering adaptive sports that cater to their specific needs and abilities.

4. Language Inclusion Initiatives

Provide language support and resources for non-native English speakers, ensuring effective communication and inclusion within sports activities.

5. Specialised Sports Leagues

Establish dedicated sports leagues or events that create a safe and inclusive space for disengaged or disadvantage target groups as an entry point to sport.

6. Women Empowerment Initiatives

Launch programs that encourage and empower women and girls to engage in sports, promoting gender equality and inclusivity within the sporting community.

7. Indigenous Sports and Cultural Events

Organize events that honor Indigenous sports and cultural practices, promoting awareness, understanding, and appreciation of Indigenous heritage through sport.

8. Intergenerational Sports Activities

Facilitate sports activities that bring together different age groups, fostering connections and mutual understanding between generations.

9. Refugee and Migrant Integration Programs

Develop initiatives that support the integration of refugees and migrants into the local sporting community, providing sports opportunities and fostering social connections.

10. Mental Health and Well-being Programs

Implement programs that promote mental health and well-being through sports, emphasizing the positive impact of physical activity on mental well-being.

11. Social Inclusion Sports Events

Organize inclusive sports events that focus on fostering social connections and breaking down barriers between diverse groups within the community.

12. Inclusive Sports Equipment and Facilities

Invest in inclusive sports equipment and modify facilities to ensure accessibility for individuals with disabilities, creating an inclusive environment that accommodates diverse participants.

13. Anti-Discrimination Training

Conduct workshops and training sessions to raise awareness about discrimination and promote inclusive practices within the sporting organization.

14. Community Outreach Programs

Develop outreach initiatives that engage underserved communities and marginalized groups, providing access to sports programs, equipment, and resources.

15. Empowering Youth Leadership Programs

Establish programs that empower young leaders from diverse backgrounds to take on leadership roles within the sporting organization, fostering inclusivity and representation.

16. Complete Inclusion Training

Implement comprehensive inclusion training programs for coaches, volunteers, and staff members to create inclusive and welcoming sporting environments.

17. Diversity Awareness Campaigns

Launch campaigns to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within the sporting organization and the wider community, fostering understanding and respect.

18. Accessible Sports Transportation

Establish transportation services or partnerships to ensure individuals facing transportation barriers can participate in sports activities.

19. Inclusive Sports Scholarships

Offer scholarships or financial assistance programs to enable individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds or marginalized communities to participate in sports programs.

20. Inclusion and Diversity Research Initiatives

Support research projects focused on inclusion and diversity in sports, contributing valuable insights and guiding future inclusion efforts.

How to come up with your own inclusion program ideas

While the 20 inclusion program ideas we've provided are a great starting point, community sport organisations may also want to develop their unique initiatives that align with their specific goals and community needs.

The Inclusive sport design Program Planning Framework is an excellent start point for this. To learn more follow the links below:


Community sport organizations have the power to create transformative experiences through inclusive and diverse programs. By exploring these 20 inclusion program ideas, organizations can not only make a positive impact but also increase their chances of securing grant funding. Remember, each

Next steps

For some inspiration, check out the inclusion programs featured in our Inclusion in Action videos available in the ISD Community Hub.

If you need help designing your sport programs or preparing your grant applications ISD is here to help. Simply contact us to get started.

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